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SCOTUS Fire Burnin’

Increasingly, Professor Driver said, the court splits 5 to 4, with appointees of one party opposite those of the other. That was true of Monday’s ruling that local officials can strip-search anyone being jailed, no matter how minor the alleged offense and regardless of whether there is reason to suspect contraband.

This Election, Supreme Court Could Rally Democrats –

SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the United States

Similarly themed to the first post this week, I think the Supreme Court hearing arguments concerning the constitutionality of the healthcare reform bill is the biggest political story of the year…besides the presidential election.  But then, as this article suggests, they are both connected.

What do you think the political ramifications of the either courts decision will be?  Either way they go, one side will become mobilized?  The decision will be coming down in June, which will be right as the presidential race is really getting heated up (by that time we’ll all “know” that Romney is the presidential nominee) and we may even know who is Vice-Presidential candidate is as well.  So, what are the ELECTORAL consequences of this JUDICIAL branch decision?



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