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Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

“In sum, neighborhoods are not important centers of contemporary American life. Americans today do not know their neighbors very well, do not talk to their neighbors very much, and talk to their neighbors about politics even less.”

Why Are Your Neighbors Just Like You? – Laura McKenna – Business – The Atlantic.

I thought this was an interesting article for a number of reasons.  First, do you find it incredibly disheartening that NONE of the assumptions are true as the political scientists who are cited suggest?  Why aren’t the true, do you think? Are we ever going back to an America where people feel connected to their communities, and if not, what does that mean for our political process?  Is it bound to be broken?

And then, near the end of the article we find that people do sort, but primarily for economic and educational goals. The interesting implication is that people inherently know that wealthier areas have better schools and yet we seem to perpetuate the myth that money doesn’t guarantee success in education.  Well, which is it?  Is there a middle ground?



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