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Increasing the Cost of Voting?

Texas has no driver’s license offices in almost a third of the state’s counties. Meanwhile, close to 15 percent of Hispanic Texans living in counties without driver’s license offices don’t have ID. A little less than a quarter of driver’s license offices have extended hours, which would make it tough for many working voters to find a place and time to acquire the IDs.

How Voter ID Laws Are Being Used to Disenfranchise Minorities and the Poor – Andrew Cohen – Politics – The Atlantic.

To extend the discussion we have been having this week, let’s look at attempts by states to make it harder  to vote (Increase the Costs associated with).  Do you think such laws are “costlier” for certain segments of the population than others?  Do you think such laws are necessary?  Justify your answer with evidence of fraud or the lack of fraud.



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