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‘Super PACs,’ Not Campaigns, Do Bulk of Ad Spending

The tone of the advertising in Ohio offers a telling example of how super PACs have assumed the role of attack machine. Of the 11 commercials pegged to the presidential election run on Ohio television since Feb. 1, all but one have been negative, according to Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group.

‘Super PACs,’ Not Campaigns, Do Bulk of Ad Spending –

What are your thoughts on this finding?  Super PACs spend more money than the actual campaigns themselves!  Does that seem reasonable?  If not, how might this be stopped in a democratic way – that is, in a way that doesn’t wantonly dismiss the rights of citizens.

Do you have the right to use your money as you see fit (including donating it to a political campaign)?  So, how can we reaonably take that right away?  But what if the exercise of YOUR right has an affect on other citizens’ rights?

To use an analogy, while I have freedom of speech, I can’t use that right to yell “Fire!” in a crowed theater because that would disrupt order and the right others have to peaceful assembly… so, what happens when your rights are at encroaching upon my rights?  Can we extend this analogy to campaign spending and Super PACs?



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