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Voting: Should it be Hard or Easy?

Texas is among eight states to require official photo identification in an effort to stop what officials say is voter fraud. Opponents of the laws say they disenfranchise poor, minority and disabled voters.

Administration blocks Texas voter ID law 

VoterID Map

Above: Voter ID Map        Below: Electoral College Map

What do you think about voter identification laws?  Is it reasonable to ask for official identification to be able to vote? What is the argument for Voter Identification laws?  What are the potential problems associated with requiring everyone to present an “official ID?”  What about Georgia, do we have any law like this?  To what extent do you think such laws do “disenfranchise poor, minority and disabled voters?”

Speaking of voter fraud, is voter fraud a prevalent problem or not?  Is there data out there that would help your argument?  What did you find?    After reflection, you should also think about addressing the overall question: Should voting be EASY or HARD?  Please justify your response.



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