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Does Mitt “Taste of America?”

“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich — they’re doing just fine.”

– Mitt Romney


Romney’s ‘Poor’ Remark Resonates

Reading this statement and pairing it with other statements that Candidate Romney has made in recent months, which make him appear to be either insensitive or oblivious to the struggles of average Americans, do you get the sense that Romney understands you? Does he know who Americans are and what they need and want?  What kind of candidate will he be in the general election?  What kind of president would he be, if elected?


33 comments on “Does Mitt “Taste of America?”

  1. Gresh McCullough
    February 1, 2012

    After hearing these comments I am worried about his sence of reality. In my sociology class I’m finding out that there are a lot of poor people in this country that are suffering and have no safety net.

  2. Jay Mehta
    February 2, 2012

    At this point i really don’t know who will win the election 2012. But as of right now Mitt Romney seems to lead the race. He is a former Massachussetts governor, and him being elected as President, i don’t think so he can bring America up from this bad economy. He has not live as middle class or worked like middle class, every thing he wanted he had it, so when he says he understand the situation of middle class and poor Americans that’s totally wrong. Like other Presidents he is promising too much but in the end they don’t deliver nothing. In my opinion Romney is a person who just want to be President just to call him self that he is President. I don’t think he can fix this american economy.

    Mitt Romney as President?

  3. Leban Arreh
    February 2, 2012

    To hear such statements coming out of a potential candidate in the next elections raises a lot of concern for me and other voters, and for that i feel like Mitt does not only fail to understand me but to most Americans. A president should be concerned about all Americans from rich to poor. I feel like he doesn’t know who we are as a whole and what everyone wants because with our struggling economy almost one and every American is poor or is on the verge of becoming poor. With these statements i can see Mitt not coming out on top of the Republic candidacy. If he was elected president I would think all of the government benefits to the unemployed and the poor would go away and government aid because its clear Mitt doesn’t really care for the poor.

    New York Times

  4. John Posso
    February 2, 2012

    After reading this statement, I truly feel that Romney does not understand the struggles of average Americans. I highly doubt that he understand me, especially because he is anti-immigrant, at least as of last week. He understands what the richest Americans want because he fits in as one of them, but he does not understand the majority of Americans. I think that he will be a weak candidate in the general elections. He is easily manipulated and changes his stance on important topics like you can see in this video. If elected, I believe he will be a very weak president which will help the richer get richer and the poorest poorer.

  5. Ciara
    February 2, 2012

    I do feel like he is very unaware of what is going on. I feel he needs to focus on everyone; the poor, middle class and rich. I read an article a while back on the census which concluded that over half of the U.S was either poor, or near the poverty line. He seems to not know what is really going on with his country. It is hard, the cost of living is high, and minimum wage is not helping out at all. Not only do you have to worry about minimum wage, but those who are working also have to deal with several companies cutting back on hours. He does not know what Americans need and want. I feel like any candidate will never know the truth of Americans if they do not know what is needed of the poor, or those heading towards the poverty line. Rich people will always seem okay if that’s who their attention is on and forget about the poor. It almost seems like his true worry is about those who are rich, but making a focal point to make sure those who are middle class does not drop down to poverty line. Thus, not taking measures to make sure the poor is okay, because he believes that the safety net is all that it takes to insure the poor to be okay. In the general election he just seems to be lost. As a president I feel like things will be back to chopped and screwed, but I don’t want to scorn him so much, maybe he could help turn the Americas around. MittVideofootage

  6. Robin Botha
    February 2, 2012

    If you read between the lines and really see what Romney is saying, it doesn’t make him sound insensitive, he stated that there is a safety net covering the poor, and if it does work anymore, he’ll fix it, it shows, he has interest in the poor and right now there is not much more he can do, other than what he is already doing and wheat he plans on doing. When he mentioned ‘he’ll fix it’ he was saying that as soon as a better idea or plan comes up he will take action. He surely does know what the people of America their main concern is looking after their families and he’s plan to increase job opportunities and make great use of the Human Capital available clearly shows that.
    I’m sure that Romney will be a very dynamic candidate in the general election, and will do he level best if elected, What we need to remember is that any person elected as president is still a imperfect human being, and will never be able to fully recover the nation. The president can only try his best, and hopefully that is better than the last president.

  7. wesley Davis
    February 2, 2012

    Romney seems to be our next republican candidate in the next election. But comments like this could cost him the race. I think Romney is oblivious to the struggles of average Americans. He has made 42 million dollars in the past two years. He only paid 14% on taxes which I found on He only cares on how to cheat the system because he only paid middle class taxes. So he is well off and rich and only cares about the rich. This is why he didn’t want his tax return public. He doesn’t know how to run the country; he will not make a suitable president. The United States is not a business and Romney is a business man not a Politician. If he is elected president that will set our country back deeper in depression.


  8. Roman Wright
    February 2, 2012

    I feel like Romney doesn’t not understand the average American like myself. My first reason is the average American doesn’t make 21.6 million in one year. According to this article the average American makes less than 39 thousands. Then the very poor Americans Romney talked about in his statement make less then that. I truely don’t think Romney knows what this country needs. According to the statement in the blog. he isn’t worried about the poor people of this country because there is a safety net there to save those people. Sometimes that so called safety net doen’t save those people. Those very poor people need more than just that safety net. He should try to figure out to how to help those people or I have a even better idea how about deonate some of the 21.6 million a year to those people. I think he is candiate that just want the title of being president. I think he is worried about his self. In the state in the blog post it even states he isn’t worried about other rich people because their doing fine on there own. So who is this guy worried about? The group of people the fall in between rich and poor. I highly doult that to. I think he will be a president that will just be worried about one person and that person is him self.

  9. Yemisi Johnson
    February 2, 2012

    Reading this article and pairing it with other articles and statements that candidate Romney has made in recent months, brings me to understands that he clearly does not care at all for the average American. This article clearly makes him out to be very insensitive and oblivious to the struggles of your average American. He does not seem to know or understand what the average Amercian neeeds. “I’m not concerned about the very poor”. “We have a safety net there”. “If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it”. Is he referring to humans or is he talking about an object? “I’m not concerned about the very rich they’re doing just fine”. Well then who or what exactly is he concerned about if it’s not the rich or the poor? Mr. Romney clearly does not know who Americans are and what they need and want. If he did he would not have made such comments.We need a leader, we need someone who’s fair and compassionate, just to name a few qualities. The article I found in the New York Times entitled, “Trump endorses Romney in a 7-minute appearance” kind of surprised me. I say this only because if someone had asked, who do you think Trump would endorse? Romney or Gingrich, I would clearly without a doubt have said Gingrich. This clearly leads me to believe that Trump supports everything that Romney has said throughout these recent months of his campaign. Which surprises me. The New York Times Article

  10. Annette Santiago (@ASanti23)
    February 2, 2012

    Romney is an idiot, and probably comes from a family and life where there is no such thing as “struggle.” He does NOT understand me. I don’t think he knows what Americans are, and really doesn’t know what they need/want because he is only focusing on one class (the middle class). He cannot focus nor should he even speak upon anything of or about American people if he is not speaking upon EVERY class: poor, middle, upper/rich. Our current President is atleast trying to come up with some type of plan . Romney is a Republican canidate, which I hope does not make it far because if he is elected President we, the non middle class, are doom. Please people, get out there and vote!

  11. Jin You (@J1nYou)
    February 3, 2012

    “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich — they’re doing just fine.”
    – Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney’s comment just filled my heart with an anger. His actions and comments that were made earlier during this election have constantly been changed and is continuously changing. Back in August, he have said “corporations are people and everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. Where do you think it goes?” It seems to me like Mitt Romney says anything to be elected. I mean, how could this man lead us as a president if he keeps on changing his comments? How can we trust what he is saying that he would do? Here is another comment that he made during the election about president Obama. Comments made by Romney on recession

    “We have a safety net for the poor in the country, and if there are holes in it, I will work to repair that,” he added. “And if there are people that are falling through the cracks, I want to fix that.”
    – Mitt Romney

    I truly don’t think that he understand the struggles that most american’s facing. At this moment, I am not too sure who else would be better in the office but i know this for sure; he have just lost my vote.

  12. Veejai Ashbey
    February 3, 2012

    I think that he is pretty insensitive to the poor people in America. That statement he made says it all, he’s not concerned about the very poor. I definitely don’t get the vibe that Romney understands me or a lot of American people because he just doesn’t get how the American without money lives. He’s got a net worth of $200 million dollars and I don’t believe he’s ever been dirt poor so he just doesn’t get it. He’ll be the perfect foil vs Obama because Obama moreso understands the problems that the poor have because he grew up poor himself unlike Romney who’s a mega rich entrepreneur. I think if elected he’s going to try to help the corporations instead of the people of America. I believe he’s going to try to make the country richer by making the corporations richer which I don’t think will work. I just don’t think he’s a great candidate or would make a good president.

    Huffington Post

  13. Heyjin Oh
    February 3, 2012

    This article

    Romney does indeed sound both insensitive and oblivious certain people who are part of American population. It makes him look bad to say that he is not very concerned, when he should be paying attention to everyone who makes up America’s economic system. I think he would be the kind of president who favors the rich, especially by the way he says that the poor who are struggling financially are all right the way they are. He sounds like he does not know who Americans are because if he did, he wouldn’t make a careless comment like above, especially during recession. I feel that he neither understands nor does not understand me, primarily because I would not say that I belong in the either of the two groups (the very poor and the very rich), but I don’t think he would be the ideal president if he is elected. A good president shows care for everything and does not dismiss people because they are poor.

  14. Sabrina Banks
    February 3, 2012

    Is it just me or does this guy always say something he doesn’t mean. We were just discussing in class that he stated something about “Black people” and welfare. I was also reading on CNN that he made a mistake about the comment on poor people.To answer the questions above. I do not feel like he understands people. It’s so early in the election, I would say, and he is already saying things he doesn’t mean. Also, by the way that he is talking and slipping words out I feel he doesn’t isn’t an American at heart. I feel he will just feed American’s what we want to hear and not make any changes. If he were elected, he would not touch the hearts of the American’s. So he would be a lousy President. And please remember, this is my opinion.

  15. Ena Kadric
    February 3, 2012

    Ass. Am I allowed to say that? If not, I misspoke. He’s too laid back to be president. Too careless. He’s using the word “misspoke” to just cover up and rid the problem in the easiest way, but if he was actually knowledgeable he wouldn’t make such careless mistakes, AND even if he did, he’d find a better solution to the problem than just “misspoke”. If he’s not willing to be certain and clear now about what he’s trying to accomplish, he won’t be any better once put in the white house. A hotheaded moron of a man.

  16. Brittany Garner
    February 3, 2012

    I think Romney is completely out of touch with most Americans. Every thing he has said has been honed in on for a reason. Since this quote, he has gone on record saying he misspoke, but he still reiterated that he is more concerned with the middle class than anyone else. Sure, the middle class has taken quite a hit over the past several years, but I personally feel that is not only what a president is there to do. A president should have the well being of all Americans be a concern, not just the people he thinks will help get him elected. This quote seems as though he is just letting the poor go by the wayside, and letting the state take care of them the way they have been, which is obviously not working as well as it could. Not to mention that it has become a more dire situation as more of the middle class fall into poverty. So who exactly is it that he is fighting for? Are the always-been-poor not as good as the newly poor, or is he only taking care of those who have been able to keep their heads above water? He says “being poor is not good” but he isn’t going to focus on it… WHAT?!
    I do not think he has any idea what a day in the life of the average American is like. I think as a candidate, he is going to try and act like he is a “Joe Everyman” but it will obviously be a facade. I think he is not an honest person, and is trying to pretend like he understands America’s struggles without any real knowledge of them. I think if he were to be elected, he would put America back a great deal in context of social justice. I think there is a lot of male, white privilege that blinds him from making decisions that would be in the best interest of those different from him. Maybe that’s what many republicans want, someone like them looking out for them. People with a broader scope will hopefully see right through him, and elect someone with a larger worldview than Romney.

  17. Ena Kadric
    February 3, 2012

    Ass. Am I allowed to say that? If not, I misspoke. He’s too laid back to be president. Too careless. He’s using the word “misspoke” to just cover up and rid the problem in the easiest way, but if he was actually knowledgeable he wouldn’t make such careless mistakes, AND even if he did, he’d find a better solution to the problem than just “misspoke”. If he’s not willing to be certain and clear now about what he’s trying to accomplish, he won’t be any better once put in the white house.

  18. Michelle Haynie
    February 3, 2012

    Mitt Romney doesn’t understand who the very poor are, we are living in a world where 50 million people are living in poverty which is large part of the population. These safety nets that he says we have are obviously not working seeing as how the poverty level continues to increase instead of decrease. Romney doesn’t seem to understand that as Americans we want to get out of poverty, not just be caught by a safety net that keeps us held down. Romney is a rich man and he has no clue what it is like for those Americans that struggle every day to just maintain their life. He doesn’t understand that as Americans we want to believe in the idea that we can rise above poverty and have the American dream. I think that as a candidate he will run a very dirty trash campaign, look at the way he trashes Gingrich and that is someone that is in the same party as him, if he is up against Obama I can’t imagine bad that campaign will get seeing as how they are in different parties. As for being the president I think that he will focuses only on the rich, he doesn’t really care that students can’t afford to go to school anymore. I think that he will see people in poverty as being lazy and for that they deserve to be in poverty, not considering the fact that people person circumstances to make it hard for them. And although the government can’t change every single person circumstance there certine things that they can do to make it easier to help these people out poverty, things that Romney won’t even considering doing.

    Mitt Romney and Poor Americans

  19. Kenny D. Nguyen
    February 3, 2012

    I would like to start out by saying I am not into politics. According to different articles and videos I seen of Romney, he look like the kind of person I wouldn’t trust to be president. When CNN interviewed Romney, he stated that he is not concern with both lower and upper class. If he was running for president, he should be most concern with helping the lower class trying to achieve becoming middle class or upper class because it would benefit both the country and the people. It would benefit both because since the lower class transfer to the middle class or higher, then the government wouldn’t have to worry about providing more welfare checks to the citizens. With that being said, I don’t believe Romney really understand us and our needs, Another thing about Romney is that he promising some difficult thing. During one of Romney’s speech” , he promise to cut government spending and bring America back up. According to , the United State is about 55 trillion dollar in debt. So this promise that Romney is having will be really tough to accomplish. I believe Romney is a person that announce huge, life changing promises but won’t be able to accomplish all the promises as he stated. He reminds me of Barack where he promises many “changes”. Overall, I won’t say he may be a great candidate or not because I’m not good at politics (or know much about it). But i will say he should be more concern on the lower class than the middle class

  20. Adrian Durden
    February 3, 2012

    As a future presidential candidate I think it is absolutely insensitive for Mitt Romney to say that he is not concerned about the very poor and that they are not his main focus. And to make matters worse, to say that they have a safety net and that if any holes should appear in it then and only then will you take action. I find it quite humorous that Romney thinks that his focus and main attention should go toward the middle class Americans when they clearly don’t make up the majority of our population. In fact the middle class Americans are on the verge of extinction, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and yet Romney says that these two classes aren’t his main focus. Unfortunately the majority of Today’s Poor Americans were once classified in this highly ranked middle or working class. They should be Americas focus so that one day less and less people will have to rely on that “safety net”. Romney clearly has an agenda that is not geared for today’s American, and I doubt he would make a good Republican candidate for President.
    Huffington Post
    Yahoo finance

  21. Salma Pahlobi
    February 3, 2012

    Salma Pahlobi

    Mitt Romney is person who will not let things get in his way to presidency even if is seems harsh or insensitive. I think he is saying things to the American people what they want to hear. Giving the people what they want to hear is great way to win people but eventually your true intention will come out as you keep talking or under pressure. Mitt Romney would not know the struggle of middle or poor class, just because you hear or see someone in struggle does not mean you know exactly what they are going through. In recent news about Romney saying random things from different topic tell us, he won’t be a good leader to run the nation because you can not say you made a mistake, the nation needs a leader who will stick with the people and the decision they make regardless of their class especially in this economy. The article about immigration tell us how Romney change his mind before on the dream act. Right now as a nation we need a leader who will stick to their decision, stand up for the rights and not have their own agenda for personal gain. If your a person who is making insensitive statement to the nation and go back on the words more than once, the nation would not accept them as a leader. Especially when they are representing America to the world.

    New York Times

  22. Stephanie Nissani
    February 3, 2012

    I do not think Mr. Romney is oblivious to the financial struggles America is in and has been going through, specifically since WWII, and has gotten worst; I believe he is simply not sympathetic enough to understand what it is like to be sitting at an average person’s chair. As mentioned in his article, his net worth averages to 200 million dollars. So can you say, rich? SafetyNet
    I don’t think he will be a good president because of his insensitivness toward the middle class. Since majority of Americans are currently living under “the middle class rank”, there is no way he will be elected. If, hypothetically he would be elected, I believe he would try to steer away from safey net problems, and lean toward the richess. It’s funny that he says, “well if there will be a problem, i will fix it” Ha. There has been a problem, and someone needs to fix it. There isn’t and “IF” there. It is, perhaps, happening.

  23. Cameron Shafer
    February 3, 2012

    I do not agree with Romney at all on this topic. Him saying he does not care about the very poor is not something I look for in a leader. In this article, Romneys Poor Comment , he explains how he wants to create equal opportunity to 100 percent of americans which is what we need. If Romney is not going to strive for the best of every american, he does not deserve to be the next president.

  24. Erika Candelaria
    February 3, 2012

    The poor remark that romney made I feel like wasnt his best move. I don’t feel like he really understands what people want and need.Maybe he is just focused on winning at this point in his campaign. If he mistakenly made that comment maybe it was because that was what he was thinking in the back if his head in reality? I think he needs to reevaluate his ideas and then maybe he will become a better canidate for the general election. I feel like just like him anyone can with the right ideas can be a good president. If he were to actually be president at this point, I dont think he would have his focus on what is needed to be worked on if he didnt have to. He has made many comments that to me personally leave me to wonder what his true intentions are when he get to office and if elected will he do a good job. On comment was about his 370,000 tax return as being “not much money”. In the article I found about Romney clarifying his statement he said he was worried about all americans but his main focus was mainly middle class during his campaign to get to the white house. But not all voters are middle class be aware of that. I guess will see what happens for elections!

    LA Times

  25. Jasmine (@badgerja)
    February 3, 2012

    According to Romney’s statement recently made, he is not concerned about the very poor nor is he concerned about the very rich. From that idea and the fact that Romney is known to have a net worth of $200 million I do not feel that he is fully able to relate to me or anyone else for that matter, other than the very wealthy. Romney clearly has no concern for Americans as a whole and is highly oblivious to the wants and needs of the general population. I feel that he will be a candidate with no type of true support during the general election due the the fact that he has already displayed his disinterest in both the rich and the poor. Romney has said that,” he is only concerned about the middle class “, but if he has already laid claim to not caring about the rich or poor, why should the middle class be any different? If Romney was elected for president, I do not think he would be very effective because he does not seem to be generally ” for the people”.

  26. Rachael Freels
    February 3, 2012

    Romney may appear to know what Americans typically need, but if he isn’t looking at all the angles of American life, then he isn’t truly looking at the full scope of America; it is inaccurate to look at an average middle-class American family and assume that all middle-class American families are just like that one. I come from a middle-class American family, yet my situation isn’t “average.” My brother has cerebral palsy, and we are just one of about 800,000 families currently dealing with such a lifestyle…proving that though it isn’t incredibly common to have a lifestyle like mine, it isn’t that uncommon either. The same goes for those dealing with autistic children, whose numbers soar at around 1.5 billion
    These are BIG numbers, and Romney needs to look at these in order to better account for the “true” America. I may be considered middle-class, but coming from a home where only one parent works (as a teacher, no less) and spending thousands each year on medical expenses is pushing our family deeper into debt. THIS is what is happening across the States today. Our future president needs to know the realities of Americans- even if it means reconsidering the “needy”.

  27. Hafsha Nawreen
    February 3, 2012

    After reading this article, I do not feel as though Romney understands me. Not me, nor the average American. His net worth is $200 million(Article). I feel as though he’s lost touch with the struggles and hardships of the average American, especially during this difficult time. To be quite honest, I do not think he knows who Americans are and what they want. I do not think he understands the under lying problems that this country faces. This country needs to be put back on track and move out of this economic sinkhole. He will be a strong candidate in the election, just because he’s gained popularity with upper class and other states already. I feel like he’d be a very powerful president, but sooner or later the people will speak. He needs to listen to the American people first, and concentrate on the problems that need to be solved.

  28. Adelle Charles
    February 3, 2012

    In reading this statement it seems like Mitt Romey may be somewhat or entirely insensitive to some. To me it seems as though he is not. I feel like me may be stuck in the middle with situation concerning the right and the poor. he doesn’t exactly know how to feel about both also seems like he doesn’t want to deal with the Democratic situations between the two sides of that fence. Will he be a good candidate if elected ? Honestly i don’t think so because he seems to be very to be sure of what he would do if a situation between rich and poor comes up. to me it sounds as if he believes there is nothing wrong already and if something does come up he will decide if he will or will not take care of the situation.
    Rich Vs Poor Comment

  29. Junho Kang
    February 3, 2012

    I don’t understand why he said like that. He made some rumors before this one. He doesn’t know who Americans are and what they need and want, and he even don’t know the attitude that the President of United States has to have. The President of United States needs to cover every American, not just average Americans. I think he will be a narrow-minded candidate in the general election, and also I think President Obama will be appointed again. In other words, Romney will lose for president. Even if he win the president election, hmmm I dont like to think about it. I guess Romney will not care not only poors, but also average Americans. He will work for the only riches.
    He needs to watch his mouth anyway.
    another rumor

  30. Remy Miller (@RemyCMiller)
    February 3, 2012

    Latley it has seemed like Romney has been on a streak of poor public announcements. He seems to be caught up in his own ideas and cant ease them on to a crowd.he even taking credit away from obama i think he just needs a better PR rep.

  31. michelle demmerelle
    February 7, 2012


    I believe this is an insensitive and poorly informed statement. I don’t think Romney understands that most Americans are out of jobs. The poor may not necessarily want to be in that possession but face the reality of the unemployment rate because of the lack of job security. They are looking for a President that is going to help rebuild the economy. He isn’t speaking from a point of view in which he would be engage in the average Americans needs and wants. This is coming from a man that has kids with a one hundred million dollar trust fund. With Romney the average American may be looked over because of his lack of connection with the common American household these days. Instead of wanting to fix the issue at hand, he would rather continue with a safety blanket plan that should only be seen as temporary and have plans to be permanently fixed.

  32. Karen Mazariegos
    February 9, 2012

    Romney most certainly does not understand me or any other American Citizen. He is a rich uneducated with etiquette candidate that only cares about money! If he did understand the citizens of the country he is trying to run, he would have never said he was not concerned about the poor. Romney makes more than 20 million a year. Does anyone see he is just a big snob that does not know what it is to work for things that are really needed like food, house, clothes etc. If elected (which I hope not) Mitt Romney will will be the president to spend all our money and blame it on the citizens bad habits over money. He simply since the beginning does not care for the good of our people.
    Romneys annual income

  33. Adithya Kasthurirengan
    February 9, 2012

    Mitt Romney does have a good point because I have heard that if you stabilize the middle class then it could help during times of inflation. I think or at least hope this was the the exact reasoning behind Romney’s comment(s). Outlining the poor and throwing them in the forefront of the issue is something that should have definitely been avoided by Romney. However, I still think his comments were completely inconsiderate and his first step, or who so ever wins’ first step should be to stabilize the poor and create or try and wake them up by creating more opportunities or at least balance the opportunities equally between classes. However, keeping the poor on the edge and telling America that he will retaliate or react when they fall off it is a terrible idea and a terrible way to strengthen his own campaign. Soaring Poverty Casts Spotlight on ‘Lost Decade’ The above article gives a better understanding of the state of the poor in America and if Mitt Romney has read this article, should hopefully change his plans for them.

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