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A Nation Divided?

“The Washington Post…notes that Barack Obama has a partisan approval gap of 68%—that is, 80% of Democrats approve of the job he’s doing, compared to 12% of Republicans—the largest partisan gap for any president’s third year of office ever recorded.”

via Partisanship: Polarised data | The Economist.

Partisanship: Polarised data | The Economist

What do you think?  Does it feel like America is becoming more polarized to you?  We certainly hear a number of stories about this subject in the media.  But then again, maybe that’s just the focus of the media rather than actual polarization.  What types of information would you want to see to before you came to your own conclusions about the polarization of America?

Would you say that Americans are growing apart in other ways?  Do we feel as connected to each other as we used to feel?   Is there still a sense of community?  What about you….do you feel connected to your community?  In what ways are you connected?  Are their things that you could do to feel more connected?


14 comments on “A Nation Divided?

  1. Young Cho
    January 31, 2012

    As our community is growing more apart from the political view, people have their own personal opinions about the president. This is the main subject in our media today that we rationalize as it is really huge deal than it is acutal. I would like to see more of people bonding together to create the same view for our politics. I believe that the certain point at the time America is being more polarized. I feel like America is connected in some ways like having freedom of speeh and being together as one nation. However, there are still many population of people that are still wanted to be seperated and being polarized. But in the other hand, people could be going their seperated ways for their personal thoughts about thier poitical such as Democrates and Republican.It could also be based on racism or any other things that makes our society being polarized

  2. Brittanie Griggs
    January 31, 2012

    What Obama did so far I Think Obama is doing a great job so far. He has to clean up things that the previous president messed up. Of course, he will not have anyone approval, but at the end of the day he is still our president and we have to respect that. Yes america is becoming more polarized to me because everybody is entitle to their own opinion and us as citizens we can not agree all together. I would want to see the actual layout of things that he want to do or plan on doing. I would also like to see obama stand up on his own ground. He is to nice in a sense and he seem to be afraid of others opinions. America is growing apart in all type of ways. This is America and now that we are in 2000, it is nothing like it was back in the 1990’s or younger (as my mother and grandmother would say). Everyone use to look out for each other but now we are killing our own family members. Sometimes I ask myself why? I do not feel connected, I feel that my opinion do not count and even if I did go against Obama or anybody else, it still would not change anything. I probably could get more involve within the community to see if that would help. Maybe do more volunteer, or community services projects.In Conclusion, We all have room inprovement but the Government still need to get their system together.

  3. Morenallson Constant
    February 1, 2012

    In my own opinion I have the same thought because socially, politiclly, etc.. It does seems like the nation is being divided day after day. My question is, are we doing anything right now in our own power to unpolarized the nation? Truthly, I don’t feel connected to my community at all because there is none there to start with. And i feel like as human being with need to communicate, understand each others then maybe we might make a difference.
    Polarized America
    Polarization had been increasing in the last decades base mainly on social, and economic right in front of our eyes yet we chose not to pay attention.

  4. michelle demmerelle
    February 1, 2012

    The Economist

    The American parties are growing apart. The Democrats and Republicans are focus on the dislike towards each other that they lose focus on effectively deciding laws. The media takes the division that they see and expose it to the American people. The republicans give significant push back towards the President because it isn’t representation from there party. The Democrats are trying to protect the candidate that has been elected from there party to be President. I don’t think the American people’s focus is on the selfish political rambling but look towards someone who will bring stability to the issues that are effecting our lives. I don’t feel connected to the political figures that are suppose to represent us because they are similar in many ways. The representation in the parties don’t show the diversity in the American people. People do not use their right to cast a ballot because they feel disconnected. Each event becomes a downward spiral that has no resolution but division based on the information that people receive from each party in hopes that who ever is elected may help solve the issues at hand.

  5. Christina Asik
    February 2, 2012

    I think America is becoming more polarized but then again it is not. I think it is just because of the shirt the guy is wearing on the right in the picture above. However, I also think it is not because there is two sides in an election: the Republicans and Democrats. So to the say America is becoming polarized is wrong because one person could be for the Republican candidate and the other person could be with the Democrat Candidate. I do not think people who are on one side should criticize the other side just because they are supporting someone else. I think American are growing apart because they are taking these presidential elections way too seriously. American would get along more if there was only one person running for president like in George Washington’s case who was one of the greatest presidents and was favored by almost everyone. We do not feel as connected as before because times have changed and people are worrying more about paying their bills then trying to interact with society. I think there still is a community for some people because they have time and enough money to just lay back and worry about the community they are in. I do not feel connected to my community because if an event is going on, I never hear about it until it is actually occurring or I am never invited. I think I am connected only through actually living here and paying my rent. I could attend the monthly board meeting to discuss what needs to be done in our community or I could attend the annual holiday parties. Overall, I feel as if I already have too much on plate and that I do not have time to connect to my community. PolarizingPresident

  6. Jasmine Johnson
    February 3, 2012

    Yes, I feel as though America is becoming polarized a little more each and every day simply because every one thinks differently and has their own opinions about evrything; including political matters. The media is doing what it does best and that is focusing on what they know the people want to hear…Drama, and in this case the progress report of how well Obama has done while serving as president and all those who may agree or think otherwise. When we look at Washington Post it gives a little insight as to how the support for Obama differs in percentage. And as far as feeling apart of a community, it ishard to answer that seeing as how I am not an American, but from what I can see, when the time calls for it they usually know how to band together; and the only other thing the American people are growing apart with is the different classes in society. There is a slow declin in the existenc of the middle class because they are slowly but surely becoming members of the lower class all thanks to taxes.

  7. Kathryn Lindsey
    February 3, 2012

    I think that the nation is more divided than ever. I think the reason is because of economics,also congress will not let anything pass because of too much arguing. A lot of the country is suffering and is having trouble making ends meet. It seems as if it is hard to have a voice right now. The ones that have it okay have trouble understanding those of us who don’t. Also I think there is a disconnect where religion comes into play with the older generation compared to the younger generation. It is not very important to the younger generation to have a president or someone who is religious where as the older generation might see that as something to consider when voting. If we could come together to get things done then that would be amazing, right now nothing can be done because there is too much fighting. This article

  8. Karen Mazariegos
    February 3, 2012

    It seems that America is becoming more of a game to all of our citizens. When people have to unite they tend to do so in forms that it seems that they are just picking a group due to the certain “things” they believe in. Lets say one person believes that god kicked a rock down a hill, various people will join that one person not because of believing the story but because that one person did and thinks that is right. Our citizens seem to be doing that constantly. When it comes to politics people tend to just see a question look at what others believe and follow them instead of standing up to what they believe. I feel America is becoming separate due to that, and is becoming separate in communities as well. You can see in this article Polarization in America

  9. Clarissa Pearson
    February 3, 2012

    Personally, I believe that each individual is subject to their own choice, it is not a matter rather or not we connect. We each value different views. No matter how you look at it, pretty much everything is divided whether its joining your school greek team, choosing a religion, and choosing to be with republican or democrat party . Decades of polarized citizens of the US has increased. Why political polarization has gone wild in America (and what to do about it)
    From the article it states that “many people have pointed the finger at the Tea Party saying it’s ideologically extreme, refuses to compromise and cares more about purity than problem solving.” Which I feel is a blame for why people have become polarized. I really just believe that people choose to have their own choice of what they would most likely consider. There is always going to be an issue with goverment and politics because its the fight for equality and liberty this is where the controversy occurs,instead of just having a balance its polarized. Changing congressional rules can help decrease the dividing, but there is only so much that can take affect on this decrease. They also consider it as quote on quote– “political narrowcasting.” People broadcasting different views changing the views of people stance.
    Another thing is that I am personally, not into politics and voting, I just do not have a preferrence, being polarized do not affect me because I choose neither parties and all that the media and attention grabbers they put out is all false . So I have a stance for none of it .

  10. selina swatson
    February 3, 2012

    if i will describe our nation today i will say ” each for him self God for us all “. there seems to be no middle grounds only rigid party lines .there is a distinct and widening disconnect between democrat and republicans, liberal and conservatives, creating fear,anger, and paranoia. we are more insulated, isolated more than ever especially after the 2000 and 2004 elections. the nation is polarized in so many ways,for while nee-cons in republican party may optimized the fundamentalist backlash against connecting culture in their preference for spontaneous processes and deep distrust of centralized authority embrace many connected values.
    to fix this we must put priority on gaining centralized political power by encouraging cooperation , empathy and flexibility in our system or way off governing.polarized nation

  11. Patrick Nolan
    February 3, 2012

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that America is becoming more and more polarized. I don’t believe this is just evidenced by the focus of media, either. Social media, as far as I’ve noticed with my own, seems to reflect this as well. More and more independent posters/bloggers seem to be either very right or very left. The anger and frustration from both sides when engaged in a difference of opinion seems to highlight the growing gap between the two parties.

    This growing gap exemplifies the personal disconnect that seems to be coming from, or at least accelerated, by the increasing use of social outlets. Our communities are online, our circle of friends can be accessed through our smartphones. The real world and the people in it that are not directly connected to us, become more incidental. Understanding, tolerance, and finding ways to work together are skills that fall by the wayside in our world where disagreeing with someone no longer requires us to find common ground, merely the “delete/block” button.

  12. R Sargent
    February 3, 2012

    No, I do not believe that the US is become more polarized, though the president has tried. This idea of rigid classes, class warfare, and social inequality is not orchestrated by the media but by the President . I find there’s a more interesting statistic buried in this Washington Post article. If you consider this: there are313 million Americans according to the U.S. Census. A Gallup poll in August 2011 cited that 41% of Americans considered themselves Republicans while only 21% consider themselves Democrat. Using this additional data in reference to the Washington Post article we can see that the total number of Americans that approve is roughly 68 million, while all those that disapprove number 126 million. Meaning that, for all Americans that associate with one of the two major political parties, the president has a 35% approval rating. To me, this indicates that Americans in general disapprove of the president’s job.

  13. Cameron Degrafenread
    February 3, 2012

    Personally, I think many people base their opinions on the first thing that they hear. Everyone wants to be a part of something but nobody has enough legitimate information to even be able to think of taking a stance (although they will try to). People will say “I think Barack is doing a good job,” or vice versa. Then if you ask them why, they look at you with a blank expression. America may be considered polarized in a sense because peoples opinions are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. You have the “idiots” that I described butting heads with people of intelligence. Divided

  14. Casey Gonsalves
    February 10, 2012

    I believe America is quickly becoming polarized. People are quickly becoming either very conservative or very liberal. Everyone seems to be a diehard one or the other that despises the other point of view. It is unproductive. Instead of focusing on working together to solve issues the people and politicians are worried about finding holes in the other side’s argument or solution. Our communities are also growing a part as well. People are not as attached and tune with those around them such as neighbors or local store workers. It is causing a problem by making the community less powerful. When the community has an issue that needs to be solved by the government it takes longer because the community is harder to pull together to create a voice for the issue. America’s communities and population need to shy away from polarization and work together to solve the countries problems faster.


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