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Want to Be the 1%, Stay in School

“Apart from their bank accounts, Gallup finds education to be the greatest difference between the wealthiest 1% of Americans and everyone else. The Gallup analysis reveals that 72% of the wealthiest Americans have a college degree, compared with 31% of those in the lower 99 percentiles.


Gallup Poll 

Educational Attainment of Americans by Wealth Status, Combined Gallup Polls, 2009-2011


There are several interesting excerpts in this Gallup poll finding, most notably for you all, the educational attainment of the 1% is significantly higher than the rest of us.  Now, this snapshot doesn’t assess causality, but it does show a very clear pattern:  The wealthiest people in the country have a good deal more education than the average person. So, does your Educational plan lead you to the 1%?  Know that there is value-added to what you are doing here at GPC. 


Do you believe that education is one of the keys to upward mobility in this country? (cite evidence) Ho do you plan to maximize your time in school?


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