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American Dream or American Myth?

“If you want to live the American dream — and have greater control over your own likelihood of success — you should probably move to Denmark, where the poor have a better chance of moving up in the world.”

Fatalism and the American Dream


What do you think about this finding?  Does this help to explain public sentiment towards the poor and redistributive programs here in America?  Do you believe the American Dream is still alive, or is it an American Myth?

If you have the opportunity, review the Pew Research article cited on this piece that demonstrates that upward mobility has as a significant affect your parents educational attainment — so, if your parents went to college, you are more likely to move up the food chain.  How would that finding compel you to respond to the initial prompt: “Success in life is determined by forces outside our control.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain. 


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