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Gotta Have $ To Build a Fence…

Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota signed a pledge last week to build double-fencing the entire length of the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. Herman Cain called for an electrified border fence, 20 feet high with barbed wire.

Border Fence Raises Cost Questions –

In this NY Times article, an important issue is raised about the costs associated with building fences to seal our Southern border.   Figures in the article ranged from $16 M to $21 M PER MILE, and that doesn’t include the costs associated with acquiring the land to build the fence.  The Customs and Border Protection agency estimates that the cost of building a fence the entire 1,400 mile border would  be a minimum of $25 B and it would cost another $6.5 B to maintain it over the next 20 years.  Seeing these figures, what are your thoughts about building a border fence from an economic viewpoint.  That is, does regulating the behavior actually cost more than the behavior itself?

What do you think about the building of a border fence from a philosophical perspective?  That is, ignoring the costs associated with building it, SHOULD we build a fence?  Remember to strengthen your argument by weaving a high quality source into your response!



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