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Hi Everyone,

I want to announce an Extra Credit opportunity this week!  This week all campuses of GPC are commemorating the World War II generation with a number of informative symposia on a variety of topics related to World War II and culminating with the Stage Door Canteen Dinner and Dance which is scheduled for Friday, November 11, 2011.

To incentivize you all to attend some of these great events, I am willing to provide EXTRA CREDIT if you perform all required tasks.

1.  Attend an ENTIRE symposium – It is inappropriate to arrive late or leave early, so PLEASE do not do that!

2.  Take extensive notes of the various presentations to TURN IN with your summary (see #3).

3.  Type a 1+ page (more than 1 page) summary of the topics talked about at the symposium and complement it with you own thoughts.

4.  Summary + Notes are due by TUESDAY, Nov. 22 for credit.  Incomplete submissions will NOT be counted as extra credit.

5.  REMEMBER, this is EXTRA credit – to get the points you must EARN them!  If you don’t want to do the work, don’t attempt this extra credit.


YOU can receive a perfect score REPLACEMENT quiz for EACH symposia summary you submit.  There are 4 (FOUR) symposia each day through Thursday, and I will allow MULTIPLE submissions – You can turn in more than 1 – no limit!

**I will also give credit for attending the Dance on Friday night, but in addition to the summary of the event, you will need to turn in a photocopy of your ticket AND photographic evidence of YOUR attendance – take a pic in front of the decorations! Students can acquire tickets to the Dance for FREE with GPC ID card by going to or by calling 678.891.2555


Here is the schedule for the week:



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