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Voter Fraud or Electoral Bias?

Opponents Say S.C.’s Voting Law Unfair For The Poor : NPR.

Pam Fessler/NPR - Sharecropper Willie Blair (left) of Sumter, S.C., has used that name all his life, and it was on his Social Security card. But his birth certificate says "Willie Lee McCoy." Blair never went to school and is illiterate. His cousin Raymond Evans (right) tried to help him get an ID so Blair could vote; but Evans says it was a frustrating process.

We’ve been talking about political participation and the issue of unequal distribution of costs and benefits associated with voting this week.  Remember the word “disenfranchisement” that we have discussed? Please define that for us as part of your response. I would further remind you to think about the decision to vote as the culmination of the various costs and benefits associated with voting.  If voting is too hard, people are less likely to vote.  If voting proves to have no benefits, people are less likely to vote.

Here is a nice piece that is illustrative of this issue. Do requirements like state issued ID disproportionately affect some groups in society?  That is, are the costs of voting in this instance higher for some than others?  Also, most of these voter identification requirements are couched in terms of curbing voter fraud.  This brings up two question that you should answer in your post as well: 1. Is voter fraud widespread?  2. Is this the most reasonable alternative in fighting fraud?  Make sure you use a high quality source to support your claims!



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