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The Cost of (Anti) Immigration

Georgia’s economy is projected to take a $391 million hit and shed about 3,260 jobs this year because of farm labor shortages, according to a report released Tuesday by the state’s agricultural industry.

AJC Article

So, wait, you mean migrant workers aren’t taking OUR jobs? Georgia as on of the highest unemployment rates in America (10.2% compared to 9.1% nationally), so solely looking at this issue from an economic perspective (which is only 1 way of looking at it), did Georgia make the right decision in terms of cracking down on the “problem” of immigration in this state?

The unfilled jobs are one thing, but think about the negative economic on the farming industry in this state. Thing of how much more blueberries and onions are going to cost consumers because the agricultural products rotted in the field. I’m not sure that’s the appropriate focus for our state if e plan to turn our economic conditions around. What do you think?



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