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It’s the Economy Stupid, Redux

For some years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has had a program that tracks mass layoffs. In 2007, the program was expanded, and businesses were asked their reasons for laying off workers. Among the reasons offered was “government regulations/intervention.”


Economix Blog

Wow, this is a fascinating table. I don’t know about you but I love a good table! Now, it is important to note that the author of this post, Bruce Bartlett, was a senior staffer in the George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan administrations. So, it would seem to lend relevance to the points that he is trying to make here. What is his point? So, it’s not government regulations that are leading to job losses? Why do we hear that in the news so often then?

How do you see the role of regulations in our economy? What are the up sides, what about the potential problems? What would life be like without any regulations of businesses?



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