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Political Reality: “Pants On Fire” Edition!

Mr. Obama seems particularly adept at avoiding the Pants on Fire designation. PolitiFact has analyzed a whopping 320 claims made by the president and deemed 71 percent of them at least half right. Only Mr. Paul and Mr. Huntsman – at 76 percent and 86 percent respectively — scored higher.

A Look at PolitiFact Grades of Candidates –

Check out the Republican hopefuls and their “truthiness!”Here's a look at the Republican hopefuls.  Compare this to...

Now, look at President Obama’s Politifact Record:

I really think this is interesting!  Does it see as if there is something systematic going on here? Now granted, there is the potential for bias because PolitiFact doesn’t choose every single statement to scrutinize, they pick things that are in the news, and that are controversial to citizens.  That being said, do you think that President Obama is more truthful than any of the Republican candidates?



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