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Can Moving Away From Ownership Save Capitalism?

Is this desire to shed ownership of things a life cycle story, a digital story, or something else? Do you share my desire for life as a service? Has owning stuff also lost its appeal to you?

Joshua Kim: 5 Things I No Longer Wish to Own – Inside Higher Ed


WOW! This short little blog post blew my mind!

Think about this progression. If you look at the writings of John Locke or James Madison and numerous others you find clear arguments declaring the centrality of protecting property in a capitalist society.

BUT, what if moving away from ownership toward “life as a service” we could potentially create a “win-win” scenario where producers of goods are more directly rewarded for their innovations and consumers of goods are rewarded with products that are consistently newer and better…THERE WOULD BE NO MORE “OUT OF DATE.” What are your thoughts on this movement away from ownership towards services?

I’ll end this post as he does by asking:

What do you own and would rather rent?

What do you now rent that you once owned?



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