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Pennsylvania Electoral College Plan Could Backfire on G.O.P. –

The Constitution provides broad latitude to states to determine how to allocate their electoral votes. In fact, Democrats have little recourse in Pennsylvania at all: Republicans control both branches of the state legislature as well as the governorship. And Pennsylvania has neither ballot initiatives nor recall elections. Democrats simply have to hope that Republicans will decide that the proposal is not in their overall best interest.

Red State, Blue State

Pennsylvania Electoral College Plan Could Backfire on G.O.P. –

The Pennsylvania GOP, miffed by the fact that Obama received a disproportionate number of that state’s electoral votes in 2008 is currently considering moving to a different electoral college system that would award electors at the congressional district level rather than at the state level.  How do we do it here in Georgia?  Which alternative do you like better?

Also,  notice in the table above that Red States, because they are small population states, have almost 5 electors per 1M voters, whereas Blue States have just over 4 electoral college votes per 1M voters.  It has to do with the fact that a state’s number of electors is determined by adding up the number of House Districts (based on population) and the number of Senators (2 for EVERY state regardless of how big or small).  Now Wyoming has fewer people than Cobb County, and yet they have the same number of Senators as California, our largest state.  Does that seem fair?

This comes in the process of redistricting the state.  What is “redistricting?”  Do we have that here in Georgia?  In your mind is the process a “reasonable” one?  Is their potential for bias?  Check out this page that I maintain regarding Georgia Redistricting for more information!



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