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Fact checking the GOP Debate (+Al Gore)

The states are different. Texas is a great state. Texas has zero income tax. Texas has a right-to-work state, a Republican legislature, a Republican Supreme Court. Texas has a lot of oil and gas in the ground. Those are wonderful things. But Governor Perry doesn’t believe that he created those things. If he tried to say that, why, it would be like Al Gore saying he invented the Internet.

Fact checking the GOP debate at the Reagan library – The Fact Checker – The Washington Post.

Here is a nice rundown by Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post of the GOP debate last night.  He looks at a number of the loftier/sketchier claims that the Republicans makes and presents us with the “truthiness.”  What amazes me is how little actual information is presented at these debates.  Why do we even have them?  Have you ever made up your mind who to vote for, or not, based on a debate?  Have you ever even watched a debate?

It is a sad commentary on the state of politics in this country, when it is electorally profitable to use falsehoods like “Al Gore claims he invented the internet” over and over again.  This isn’t true.  Check out this article. Al Gore never said he invented the internet. He said he was instrumental in Congress in pursuing legislative initiative in support of the Internet. Saying you help to pass laws for something doesn’t mean you “invented” it, not at least in my book. Have you heard this statement used negatively about Al Gore? Commonly? Are you surprised that it’s not true at all?



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