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Are You an Indiscriminate Googler?

“Many (but not all) students are not gaining the information literacy skills in college that they will need in their future careers,…This isn’t just about doing academic research, but also about being a savvy, reflective, and critical consumers of information.”

Just Google It: How Search Engines Stunt College Students Research Skills

Where do you fall here?  Are you a indiscriminate googler?  Or even worse, a citer?  This is the point of having you blog and cite this semester!  These are important skills beyond having a basic understanding of America’s political process that you will take with you from this class.  In the future, when your boss asks you for information on another company or a project, will you know how to find it?  More importantly, will you know how to distinguish between relevant, high-quality information and the subjective assertions of people trying to “sell you something.”



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