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Better Services or Lower Taxes?

 …relaxing the guarantee by a day would cut about $336 million in premium pay for employees working overnight and Sundays to meet current delivery schedules, according to the study. Adding one day to the schedule would put less emphasis on speed and allow USPS to save at least another $1.1 billion by delivering some long-haul Priority Mail shipments by ground instead of air, consolidating mail processing facilities and employing fewer workers, the study said.

Slower mail could save Postal Service $1.5B – The Federal Eye – The Washington Post.

This article encapsulates one of the most significant political debates the United States has had over the last century: how big should the government be? “Socialized” mail is something that we all expect to just be there without thinking about the costs associated.  Which would you prefer, speedier mail service or a decrease in the USPS budget (meaning slightly smaller government…probably not lower taxes).  Is this a tradeoff that you often make?  Do most Americans?  Do you actually know where your tax dollars go, and if not, would you possibly be more accepting of taxes if you had some notion of how they are spent?



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