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Military-Induced Progressivism?

“Yet if we seek another model, one that emphasizes universal health care and educational opportunity, one that seeks to curb income inequality, we don’t have to turn to Sweden. Rather, look to the United States military.”

Our Lefty Military –

Military Physician

Here is a provocative article by Nicholas Kristof at the NY Times.  He suggests that many a progressive’s dream of a well-integrated social welfare state can be found right here in the United States military, and he raises a good point.  Are these ideas so foreign to us?  Do you think this presents a reasonable version of government involvement in providing health care, education, childcare, etc.?  Would you say that these services are public goods, which are under-produced by market forces, and therefore do deserve government involvement?



This entry was posted on June 16, 2011 by in health care, public goods.
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