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HILL POLL: Politicians, Congress unethical — and getting worse

58 percent of voters think most members of Congress are “unethical,” while only 25 percent consider the majority to be principled. Seventeen percent are unsure.

HILL POLL: Politicians, Congress unethical — and getting worse
Mike Luckovich

 Where do you stand on this issue?  Are they all just “crooks and liars?”  Or, is this perception just based on media coverage? We know, for instance, that perception of crime over the past couple decades is way up despite the fact that crime has actually gone down most places.  What has gone up dramatically is the media coverage of crime. See here as an example.

Are there no good public servants left?  More recently, I have seen articles suggesting that candidate quality is decreasing of late because of the nature of the job – the intense public scrutiny involved leads many potential candidates to say “no thanks.”  Would you want to be a member of Congress?

If they are all bad, how did they get elected?  What are reelection rates these days for incumbents? Are our evaluation criteria of candidates some how out of whack?  Isn’t number of babies kissed a good indicator of candidate quality?



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